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What is Werk
Career opportunities that challenge you and the status quo.
Lean sideways when you need to, but always keep the leadership path in view. At Werk you’ll have access to innovative career opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else.
Flexible Full-Time Opportunities
Full-time jobs that support the life you want through reduced face-time hours and/or remote work days
Part-Time Senior Level Positions
Part-time executive level positions at small businesses and start ups
Job Sharing
Job shares that help balance the workload of a demanding role and result in better decision-making and outcomes
Team Maternity Leave
Team-based approach helps women successfully transition out, stay relevant while away and re-integrate upon return
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Join The Movement
Work is not working for women.
Exhaustion is not a status symbol. We can’t do it all or have it all in an environment that isn’t designed for our success. We founded this company because women want ambitious careers without compromising their outside obligations. We founded this company because businesses want access to the best, most motivated talent without spending a fortune.
We can turn work into Werk. Join the movement.
"At Originate, our mission is to use technology to solve the world's most ambitious problems. Werk solves a complex problem with an elegant solution. Originate is proud to partner with Werk to make this concept a reality."
Sivan Nemovicher Hong
"The first time I heard about Werk, it just clicked. There is nothing as empowering as women helping women - building a community that allows us to be the mothers that we want to be, while contributing however much we want, to the professional workforce that needs us. While no one really has it all, Werk gets us closer. Bravo!"
The Girls' Lounge
"We love Werk’s mission of creating a work culture for women that promotes and supports each woman’s success. Werk is a critical factor in helping women have access to meaningful work… on their terms. At The Girls’ Lounge, we are committed to empowering women and are proud to be Werk’s partner. Werk it, girls!"
Meet The Team
Anna Auerbach
Anna was a strategy consultant for 10+ years, most recently as the COO of a philanthropy catalyst firm. Anna learned her first lesson in entrepreneurship when she moved to the US as a refugee from the former USSR at age 6 knowing just one word of English. Her scrappiness paid off and she later received an M.B.A. from Harvard. Although Anna once qualified for the junior olympics in fencing, her main athletic focus these days is keeping up with her toddler. She lives with her husband Phil, their son, Asher, and their cat, Forrest.
Annie Dean
Annie is a recovering corporate real estate attorney with an eye for style and an instinct for product development. She spent six years in Big Law closing billions of dollars of real estate deals for institutional lenders and equity owners. She loves WQXR, biographies and cheeseburgers. She is fascinated by big questions. Annie lives in New York City with her husband Peter, their two sons, Jack and Walt, and their king charles, Rosie.
Advisors & Supporters
Katie Gordon Motwani
Cofounder; Associate Principal, McKinsey & Co.
Joanna Barsh
Director Emerita, McKinsey & Co., author of How Exceptional Women Lead
Sivan Hong
Strategic Advisor; former Partner, Bridgespan Group
Jack Meyer
CEO, Convexity Capital; former President, Harvard Management Company
Susan Pravda
Managing Partner, Foley & Lardner; angel investor; startup advisor
Anne-Marie Slaughter
CEO of New America Foundation, former Director of Policy Planning for the U.S. Dept. of State; expert on women and work
Arun Sundararajan
Professor, New York University Stern School of Business; sharing economy expert
Jan Jones Blackhurst
former Mayor, Las Vegas; EVP of Government Relations & CSR at Caesars Entertainment